Beatriz is a very professional and reliable translator, she never fails to deliver great quality texts. Always a pleasure to work with her!

Carolin Schneider (Localization Project Manager at Synthesis)

Excellent translator and workmate. She’s always willing to discuss things and make coordinated linguistic decisions with the rest of the team. I’ve been working with her for more than 5 years, and I can guarantee that she always gives her best. I’ve been lucky to work with her in a lot of localization projects.

Cristina Herráiz (Proofreader at Keywords Studios – Spain)

Working with Beatriz is a real pleasure: she is an excellent professional, she is dedicated, responsible, she gives her 100% in all the projects she has participated in, plus she is aware of the importance of meeting deadlines and has never failed. And if all this wasn’t enough, she also loves video games. Thank you, Beatriz.

Nancy Niddam (Owner at Betafix)

She in diligent, intelligent, has good critical and analytical skills, is organised, a good communicator and a good leader. Beatriz has excellent intercultural competence and translation skills and specialises in the fields of AVT and game localisation. She is passionate and very knowledgeable about the game industry and has the ideal profile to work in the AVT/localisation sectors.

Carme Mangirón (Video Game Localization teacher at UAB)

I was Beatriz’s professor in two modules (Software Localization and Game Localization) and she was very engaged at all times. When I reviewed her exercises, I knew they were going to be «easy» to assess because I could feel her potential… and I was right! Beatriz loves games and translation, and I can guarantee she knows the industry and its main challenges very well. All in all, I am pretty sure that Beatriz will do a great job thanks to not only her good skills, but also to her great passion on everything she does.

Pablo Muñoz (Video Game Localization teacher at UAB)

I have worked with Beatriz several times and always keep her in mind for the translation of our webpages at Amonite Labs. She is a total professional, with a great knowledge of video games and website translation. She even spotted some mistakes in the original texts and corrected them for us, and helped us with the implementation of the text in our website, saving us time and effort. Apart from that, she is a nice person and the communication with her has always been a pleasure. I would recommend her services to everyone!

Lorena de la Flor (Associate at Amonite Labs)

Beatriz is one of the most professional translators I’ve worked with. She is diligent, thorough, accessible and strongly committed to her projects. The quality of her work is always excellent, it’s great working with her!

Cristina García Armenteros (Localization Project Manager at Keywords Studios – Spain)

I’ve been working with Beatriz for more than two years and I can assure that she is an excellent translator: she is formal, polite and punctual, plus she always offers maximum quality on everything she does.

Laura Carrillo (Proofreader at Keywords Studios – Spain)

Beatriz is an outstanding and commited linguist. She makes great interest in familiarizing with the different projects and makes sure the quality is met for each of them. Her style in translation/review tasks is very natural and she always adapts her texts to the requirements of the project. Her honesty and professionality and the ahead of time deliveries makes her the perfect colleague to work with. She is also very organized and has a huge capacity to adapt to stressful situations. I would highly recommend her.

Cristina Pérez Martín (Project Manager at Keywords Studios – Spain)

I have been lucky to work with Beatriz for the past year on a daily basis and I can confidently say that she is one of the most professional translators I have worked with. Besides always meeting deadlines and providing great quality translations, she is very detailed-oriented, cautious and responsive when it comes to specific linguistic consultations about nuances and context. This means going the extra mile and granting a quality plus to the final product that not everyone is always capable to provide. I’m really glad that I can count on her and her skills everyday.

Víctor Ajenjo Sánchez (Project Manager at Lionbridge)

Beatriz is very proactive, attentive to detail and a great communicator. Assigning her a task means I can rest assured that it will be completed with top-notch quality.

Jesús Lloret (Lead Project Manager at Keywords Studios – Spain)